i’m off

Hi everyone.

I’ve been off for a long time and I miss you guys and tumblr, I just haven’t found an interest in anything for a while.  I was just wondering, if you guys would come and follow my new tumblr, because I probably will never come on this one.  I just really don’t find myself listening or watching Kpop. 

I guess that’s it. I really do miss you all, I love you.

> 兎: English Trans of SHINee's Symptoms



0:00 - 0:43 “It’s interesting, no, perhaps it’s a strange thing. It might be a sickness. All energy leaves me and I can’t even control my body. Cannot find meaning behind your expressionless face. My breathe, my breathe, my breathe stops. Those cold eyes cut…


♪ everybody
          2 days to SHINee’s first comeback performance

Key’s teaser - SHINee 5th mini album Everybody.